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The process which defined this project materialised in a series of workshops held with kids from different backgrounds but now all living in Berlin with their families.

We let the children manifest their emotions, exploring visual paths ranging from figurative representation to more abstract drawings. Subsequently, we tried to connect each one of these visual expressions with a feeling, by writing down notes, some in the form of small paragraphs, others as single words.

In a secondary phase, we reconverted these notes into visual compositions. Most of these pages are the result of a handmade process, using natural elements such as leaves, seeds, fruit and vegetables, wood, cotton, soil and mixing them with other “domestic” tools, such as fabrics, paper and cardboard scraps, shoelaces, cotton swabs, playdough, chalks.

The visual content of this project is organized into four sections, representing our attempt to connect with the children’s experience: the departure from their countries (journey), the welcome in Germany (arrival), the integration into this new reality (adaption) and the next steps (future).

We hope that this small project can help us navigate this process together and cast a colourful light on our common tomorrow, by continuing to look into each other’s shoes.

ART TEACHER: Helena Mancelos


ART DIRECTOR: Valerio Nicoletti


Berliner ProjektFonds Kulturelle Bildung

Peter Rümenapp from the Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg von Berlin

Lisa Diringer, Kirill Mostitzki and Carolina Ramirez from SIN e.V.

Ramiro Rodriguez

Joana Morais Castro

Stephen Dobson


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